PHP & MYSQL Development Platform

Posted: March 14, 2011 in MySQL, PHP, WAMP Server
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Nearly 33% of world web sites are built on PHP including top tech company sites like Facebook, Yahoo, Flickr, Wikipedia and CMS sites like Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal. There are dozens of Frameworks available in market which will make the PHP development easy with out of box support for many of the today’s Web needs like Caching, Security, CDN … etc.

Install WAMP Server which will install Apache, PHP & MYSQL for you. It will also install PHPMyAdmin which you can use to work on MYSQL.

To work on PHP, you need a editor and you can use NetBeans for it. NetBeans editor is built using Java, so you need to install jdk to install NetBeans. NetBeans has built-in support for 2 PHP frameworks – Symfony, Zend PHP Web Frameworks. We need to do small configuration changes at NetBean editor level to use these frameworks. 

  1. – WAMP Server download
  2. – NetBeans IDE for PHP
  3. – Download JDK
  5. – Web application frameworks based on all technologies

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