Install PHP PEAR Packages/Components

Posted: May 2, 2011 in PHP
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Default installation of PEAR does not install all packages related to it’s reusable componenets. We need to explicitly install each component based on our need. For ex: To install Benchmarking package, go to command prompt and run following command …

pear install Benchmark-1.2.8

Similarly if you want to find about any package that you want to install you can use following command …

pear search Cache

Following are the more commands …

pear list – To see List of all installed packages

pear remote-list – To see all available packages on the channel server

pear list-files Benchmark – To see any Package’s installed files

pear info PEAR – To see any Package information

References –

Note – To run pear samples or components, set the pear installation path to include_path in PHP ini config file under the server that you use to run PHP (ex: Apache).


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