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We are using zookeeper as a central repository for our data/configuration and here are few interesting options/utilities (docker/java versions) that one may need for browsing, copying, backing it up & migrating.

Browse – 

docker run –name zkbrowser -d -p 4550:4550 mijalko/zkbrowser
docker stop zkbrowser
docker start zkbrowser
Copy data –
  1. docker pull ksprojects/zkcopy
  2. docker run –rm -it ksprojects/zkcopy –source <source server:port>/test –target <dest server:port>/test
  3. Java vesion – needs maven
    1. brew install maven (on mac) or install it from
    2. download code from above zkcopy url & build it using => mvn clean install
    3. java -jar target/zkcopy.jar –source <source server:port>/test –target <dest server:port>/test
Browse/backup – (not tried but worth to try)
Migrate point in time data to new servers
  1. copy the last snapshot/log file from source cluster to all zk nodes in the new cluster and restart the cluster.