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Dev Tools & Downloads

Posted: April 22, 2010 in Dev Tools

Requirements –

  1. – Wirefram on the fly

Development –

  1. Fiddler – Debug web traffic (incoming/outgoing data) from many browsers, run any site to check the localized version of other countries using ChangeHeaders tab
  2. – FiddlerCap (available in few other localized versions) – to take a snapshot of (end user/Client’s) Web Traffic, and use it later to debug to troubleshoot the problems
  3. – Web App Development IDE
  4. – Browser chooser asks you to choose browser from the installed browsers in your machine on click of any link in mail, doc … etc
  5. – Notepad ++
  6. – XML Notepad, provides a simple intuitive user interface for browsing and editing XML documents.

IE –

  1. – Browser Compatibility Check for Internet Explorer Versions from 5.5 to 10. This has some known issues.
  2. – Download VMs to have local VMs
  3. – Test online the web and mobile browser based applications without using VMs

Firefox  – Add-on(s)

  1. wappalyzer – uncovers the technologies used
  2. Measure IT -To check the html section/control positions
  3. Web Developer Toolbar – easy way to view/clear cookies, cache and many more
  4. YSlow – page performance
  5. Firebug – Debug/analyse webpage css, js, html
  6. Life of request info (Lori) – gives info about how long it takes to load a page, useful for performance study purpose
  7. Dust Me Selectors – finds unused css selectors
  8. Firebug Paint Events – To know when the repaints occur on a page before onload, after onload, user events … etc
  9. DNS Flush – Flushes DNS and displays connecting site’s IP in status bar
  10. Screengrab – image capturing

Communication –

  1. – Share your desktop anywhere to anyone
  2. – 5$ per month for one machine access but not that good
  3. – Simple Screenshot Sharing
  4. – For video/audio chating best compared to gtalk, yahoo messanger + screen sharing