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Below link has interesting article about code coverage testing using Visual Studio 2010.

You may not see result if you exactly follow those steps. In Step 4 don’t change selection to Trace and Test Impact. It should have Local selection as Code Coverage settings were asked to do on Local.testsettings file.

You can also use Test menu -> Test View option to run the tests.

If you are writing an API then you will have class library type projects (.dll output). You can quickly create test methods for your API methods by automatically generating the Unit Tests using “Create Unit Tests …” which you can see when you right click on any method. This will ask you to create Test Project and just follow the steps that it asks. Once Test methods are created you can comment out Assert.Inconclusive line in all test methods and provide proper input/expected variable values before running the Tests.

Visual Studio 2010 Zooming

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Read from below link – Zooming is very useful feature while demoing in visual studio –

Sometimes developers get insufficient memory issue when they do cut or copy in VS … Install VS patch using below link to avoid the issue …

VS 2010 – shortcut keys

Posted: August 2, 2010 in VS 2010

Shift + F12 – Displays the list of references for the selected symbol.

Ctrl + G, Ctrl + G on Team Explorer Window – Find chage sets by change set id/user/date range – Open Team Explorer, Click Ctrl + G to see option to find change set and for more options Click again Ctrl + G. In VS 2008 you have this option when you  right click on Team Project -> Find in source control option in Source Control Explorer which has been removed in VS 2010.

F7 – Swith between designer & Code views

VS 2010 Links

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