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Do you need to connect to multiple servers in your day to day work then use remote desktop connection manager to organize your server environment connection details.

System Restore

Posted: October 15, 2010 in System

Recently I come across many instances that my friend’s personal computers/laptops got affected with virus and they used to ask me what to do …

Most of the people don’t know about System Restore option its one of the good feature available from Microsoft in XP or later OS versions. Its mainly useful for restoring your system to some previous date (save point) to avoid virus or other issues that your system has due to recent software or device driver installations …

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Edit Boot.ini file

Posted: August 8, 2010 in OS, System
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This post will help you to cleanup the un installed OS entry points during your desktop/laptop startup by removing the entries from Boot.ini file or change the default start up OS and start up wait time.

I always used to select the valid OS entry option during my laptop startup instead of cleaning them. Finally I have decided to clean it up and I found following article useful for Win XP users with all OS start up related activities …