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Similar to dojox/validate, custom helper module can be written to group all custom utility functions in one place and can be used across the widgets.

IsValid on custom widget can be overridden to do custom validation in case of custom widgets.

Jquery Vs Dojo

Posted: September 25, 2013 in dojo
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Jquery Vs Dojo analysis w.r.t microsoft based web sites/pages …

1. – Usage statistics and market share of Dojo for websites. As per this jquery is used by many sites though it is behind the dojo w.r.t the usage by high traffic sites.
2. – performance test – performance wise jquery is little better (performance test is with Jquery 1.9.1 vs dojo 1.9. Right now jquery has 1.10.2 in the market and dojo has 1.9). JQuery also got 2.0.3 which does not support IE 6/7/8 any more. In terms of releases jquery is doing better than dojo.
3. – Using Jquery and dojo together is possible. This is the post by IBM websphere portal team. Only overhead is 100 kb extra page load when we use the dojo libraries along with jquery.
4. – dojo is a framework and jquery is a library. Framework is better than library as it has better and reusable behaviors like built-in design patterns out of the box + all the functionality is proven and well accepted by everyone. Jquery has plug-ins but all plug-ins are not verified.
5. JQuery has built-in support in visual studio (Intellisense … etc) and people from microsoft world generally do not use frameworks like dojo as microsoft itself provides built-in support for many client side requirements like minification, bundling, async loading of sripts, controls … etc
6. – dojo vs Jquery mobile which one to use – dojo shines for small to complex apps and good for mobile.

To summarize, both jquery and dojo are good. To simply say JQuery is like .net and dojo is like java. So JQuery is simple to use, less code, better speed and seemlessly integrates with web / mvc pages where as dojo needs some learning / tweaking / experimenting to achieve easy scalable web pages using built-in solutions. Dojo is ideal for large scale / high traffic web sites.

It may be good idea to start using/experimenting dojo with any new web page or mobile app as jquery mobile is still in beta (though lot of apps built using jquery).

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