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Interesting ones …

Use for all browsers



use resize option with web developer plug-in for FF / Chrome

or resolution test chrome plug-in


Thx to my colleague who provided these links.

In IE/Firefox we can use window.showModalDialog to show modal popup window. 
Use window.returnValue in the popup window to pass the selections to parent window.
Main Page Code ...
<script type="text/javascript">
    function ModalPopup() {
        var retValue = window.showModalDialog('popup.htm', 'height=200,width=150');
    <a href="#" onclick='javascript:ModalPopup()'>Click</a>
Popup Window Code ...
        function dosubmit() {
            window.returnValue = document.getElementById("txtName").value;
    <a href='#' onclick='javascript:dosubmit()'>Close</a>
    <input value="hi" type="text" id="txtName" />
But this showModalDialog has disadvantages like it will not work in Chrome and some other browsers and also test automation of UI using Selenium software will not.
Refer the below links for solution on Selenium issue ...

ASP.NET callbacks for AJAX using ICallbackEventHandler interface, AJAX Pro ( some interesting techniques which are good to know even though we have some latest and simple AJAX techniques like JQuery AJAX.

log4net – logging info/warning/errors in your aplication to a log file or to the database (sql server, oracle, DB2, MS Access  ) or to send it in a email or to show it as a message on your machine or to write to a event log …