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Edit Boot.ini file

Posted: August 8, 2010 in OS, System
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This post will help you to cleanup the un installed OS entry points during your desktop/laptop startup by removing the entries from Boot.ini file or change the default start up OS and start up wait time.

I always used to select the valid OS entry option during my laptop startup instead of cleaning them. Finally I have decided to clean it up and I found following article useful for Win XP users with all OS start up related activities …


Windows XP Mode

Posted: July 27, 2010 in OS

I have got a situation where I need 32-bit machine to connect to my office enviroment from home. Now a days all new machines that are available in market by default comes with 64-bit and with Windows 7 Home Premium OS. After waiting for longtime I have decided to upgrade my laptop to Windows 7 Ultimate so that I can install Windows XP Mode (not supported on Windows 7 Home Premium) which will give me the 32-bit environment. I guess this will void 1 year warranty of my laptop and we may not use the technical support due to upgrade of default OS.

Anyways I am happy with the smooth upgrade. I am surprised, it just took 10 mintues to upgrade and interestingly all my previously installed softwares are running fine after upgrade.  You can follow below steps if you want to install XP Mode …

1. Ugrade OS using Windows Anytime Upgrade,  which you can find it through programs & file search on Start menu. I have used Ultimate license key from my MSDN subscription

2.  Follow and download the updates from link & install them in sequence.

3. You can install latest IE (default comes with IE6) & other browsers.

4. For security, install Microsoft Security Essentials from link.