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Recently I faced issue where IE Developer Tool suddenly stopped working and I need to do following steps to get it work …

1. Close all of your IE Windows
2. Delete the registry entry: HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\IEDevTools\WindowPos

(optionally, type the following at a command prompt)

reg delete “hkcu\software\microsoft\internet explorer\iedevtools” /v windowpos

3. Open IE again.
4. Press F12 to open the dev tools


This Q is basic and you must know in case if you are a web developer.

Ans: Web Browser Engine, browser companies uses different web browser engines which may be their proprietary engines.

Site by Peter-Paul Koch – A prime source to check browser compatibility information. We will find here the free assessments of the major browsers’ CSS and JavaScript capabilities, as well as their adherence to the W3C standards

IE9 & Firefox 4

Posted: March 28, 2011 in Browsers

IE 9 and Firefox 4 are out in the market in this month with some cool features. Download and checkout the cool features and keep on top with surfing web

IE 9 supports only on latest Windows OSs (>= Windows 7) which brings down the IE9 usage over Firefox 4 where it supports many OSs including Windows XP where IE9 does not support it.


Following link has detailed explanation about Firebug Net Tab useful for web developers …

This site is also gives links to following few interesting Addons for developers …

HTTP Archive Viewer –

IE6/IE7 are tough browsers to fix any UI related issues. You need to understand few hacks to solve those issues. Refer for more details.

A Java/.NET developer (not a core UI developer) may not have thorough idea on following css attributes. Knowing them makes your life easy in case if you are fixing any related UI issues.

Opacity, z-index, float, position

.modal-overlay {
filter: alpha(opacity = 50);
-moz-opacity: 0.5;
background:transparent url(‘/close-button.png’) no-repeat scroll right top;

IE uses filter attribute and skips opacity attribute & other browsers skips filter.